Sewage systems

Klettagarðar treatment plant

Reykjavík - Iceland

  • Hreinsistod-vid-Klettagarda

Verkís services was chief engineering consultant and designer, which includes the geotechnical, structural, environmental, mechanical, HVAC design and construction supervision.

 Sizes: 2.300 m2 and 3.500 l/s
 Project time:  1997 - 2002

Project overview:
Construction of a sewage treatment plant. Reykjavík North, Iceland.

The plant treats all sewage water from the north and east part of the great Reykjavík district area.  After treatment, the waste water is disposed to the ocean, about 5,5 km off the coast.

The total max. inflow to the plant is 3.500 l/s and the max. overflow is 2.000 l/s.  The plant is mostly of cast-in-place concrete and the total area is 2.300 m² and the total volume 22.400 m³.