Sewage systems

Reykjanesbær treatment plant

Reykjanesbær - Iceland

  • Fraveita-Reykjanesbae

Verkís services was preliminary design, final design of the treatment plant and pumping station, tender documents of pumps, gates and mechanical equipment, construction advice.

 Sizes: 100 m2 and 220 l/s
 Project time:  1997/1999 - 2002

Project overview:
Wastewater collection and treatment system in Reykjanesbær, Iceland.

Project included design of a wastewater treatment plant (23x12m) and associated service building (100m2) at Outer Njardvik and pumping station at Inner Njardvik. Capacity of wastewater treatment plant is 220l/s and capacity of the pump station is 20l/s.