BIM - Building Information Modeling

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Verkís has set its goal to be one of Iceland's leading consulting firm in BIM, providing high-quality, professional, and internationally recognized BIM consulting services as well as being an active participant in professional development as the BIM is carried through in Iceland.

With the use of BIM models in the initial phases of a design, the designers are given the opportunity to perform engineering analyses and make more informed decisions earlier in the design process. Decisions that can have a major impact on the quality and operations of a building and can be too late to make at later stages. Verkís emphasizes mastering these analyses and applying them in projects where appropriate.

Verkís has been involved with multiple BIM projects in Iceland and Norway. 

BIM provides an opportunity to:

  • increase the quality of the design
  • streamline the construction process
  • build more environmentally friendly structures
  • reduce energy consumption during operations
  • streamline the operations and maintenance of a structure

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  • Davíð Friðgeirsson
  • BIM Manager / Construction Engineer B.Sc.
  • Field : Buildings



  • Sigurður Jón Jónsson
  • Electrical Engineer / MBA / Marketing manager

  • Field : Buildings



  • 3D Laser scanner and existing Conditions Modeling
  • Design Authoring
  • 3D Coordination
  • Cost Estimation and Phase Planning
  • Structural Analysis
  • Lighting Analysis
  • Energy Analysis
  • Mechanical and Sound Analysis
  • Fire Safety Design
  • 3D Control and Planning