Fire safety

FIRE safety

  • bruna_ryming

Verkís offers one-stop solutions for fire-safety design and ensures that all systems interact as intended.

The company has experts in the areas of supporting structures, fire alarm systems, emergency lighting, sprinkler systems, smoke extraction, and air conditioning.

As buildings and other structures become larger and more complicated, there is a greater need for specialist knowledge of ways to ensure fire safety in the best and most cost-efficient manner. There is also an increasing need for cooperation among the designers of the various buildings systems which relate to fire protection. In recent years, Verkís has done fire-safety design in Iceland and abroad, chiefly in Norway. 


  • Guðmundur Ámundason
  • Civil Engineer / Group Leader

  • Field : Buildings



  • Harpa Steinunn Steingrímsdóttir
  • Civil- and Structural Engineering
  • Field : Buildings



  • Fire-protection engineering and instruction
  • Design of automatic fire-extinguishing systems
  • Fire-protection surveys and the design of improvements for older buildings
  • Cost and project scheduling
  • Evacuation and contingency plans
  • Hydrodynamic model of the development of fires and smoke and heat formation