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Verkís has experience in the design of HVAC systems ranging from small and simple systems to large and specialized facilities.

Company personnel have expertise in designing HVAC systems, as well as modifications/adjustments to older systems and appraisals of the condition of systems that are already in operation. We emphasize painstaking analysis of projects and preliminary designs right from the start of a project, in order to ensure that all necessary factors are taken into consideration, and that the final design will conform to the customer's wishes.

Stefán Hjaltason

  • Stefán Hjalti Helgason
  • Civil Engineer / Group Leader

  • Field : Buildings

  • shh@verkis.is

Flosi Sigurðsson

  • Flosi Sigurðsson
  • Civil Engineer / Marketing manager

  • Field : Buildings

  • fs@verkis.is


  • Design of air conditioning systems
  • Design of swimming pool systems
  • Design of sanitary plumbing and central heating systems
  • Design of surface water control systems
  • Design of sprinkler systems
  • Design of snow-melting systems