Maintenance of structures


  • alftamyri_vidhald

Verkís provides maintenance and consultancy services ranging from assistance to individuals in making real property purchases to customized maintenance plans and modifications to large structures. 

Normal maintenance of buildings and other structures is necessary in order to maintain property value. If owners do not tend to maintenance, repair costs can increase exponentially. In addition, postponing normal external maintenance can also cause significant damage indoors.

Professional inspections and maintenance assessments for any type of structure allow owners to plan systematic maintenance. Our consultants specialize in preparing professional appraisals of how you can best maintain your property.


  • Indriði Níelsson
  • Structural Engineer M.Phil. / Marketing manager
  • Field : Buildings


Flosi Sigurðsson

  • Flosi Sigurðsson
  • Civil Engineer / Marketing manager

  • Field : Buildings



  • Historical architecture consultancy
  • Consultancy services for mould and sick-building syndrome
  • Maintenance of the weathering patina of buildings
  • Maintenance of power plants and power-system structures
  • Improvements in acoustics and lighting and fire-protection systems
  • Modifications to older HVAC systems