Sustainable design

Sustainable design

  • Vigdísar hús

Verkís has taken part in the design process for sustainable building design, as well as the design and documentation work required for certification according to international standards.

Verkís employs experts who are qualified to act as assessors according to the international BREEAM certification system and the Swedish "Miljöbyggnad" certification system.

Particular aspects of sustainable design are emphasized, including the well-being of those who will use the buildings. This can be ensured, for example, through good lighting design and the correct use of daylight; good, thermostatically controlled air conditioning systems; and measures to ensure good acoustics. Other factors stressed are natural air-conditioning solutions, energy conservation, choice of building materials, sustainable transport, conservation of the ecological value of building sites, facilities for waste sorting and minimization of the pollution caused by building construction and operation. 


  • Marta Rós Karlsdóttir
  • Leader of Sustainability
  • Field : Infrastructure


  • Elín Vignisdóttir
  • Geographer M.Sc.
  • Field : Infrastructure

Ragnar Ómarsson

  • Ragnar Ómarsson
  • Construction Engineer
  • Field : Buildings


  • Design management and certification process
  • HVAC and choice of building materials
  • Energy conservation, acoustics and traffic planning
  • Lighting and daylight analysis
  • Waste management and pollution prevention
  • Life-cycle cost analysis and life-cycle assessment