Tele­communications infrastructure in buildings


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Telecommunications systems in buildings are undergoing rapid development, and Verkís has been a leader in adopting innovations in this field.

Antenna and telephone systems were formerly the only telecommunications systems that had to be provided for in buildings. Today, ordinary computer networks, building management systems, computer networks in conference rooms and conference halls, and communications systems for security networks -- to name only the main systems -- have been added to that list.

When designing modern buildings, it is essential to bear in mind that there is ongoing and rapid development in this field, and that it must be easy to modify or even completely overhaul existing systems in order to accommodate innovations.

Eiríkur K. Þorbjörnsson

  • Eiríkur K. Þorbjörnsson
  • Rafmagnstæknifræðingur / Öryggi- og áhættustjórnun M.Sc. / Viðskiptastjóri

  • Svið: Byggingar


  • Jón Pálmason
  • Electrical Engineer / Marketing manager
  • Field : Energy


  • Antenna, computer network, and information systems
  • Local area networks for building management systems
  • Planning for telecommunications networks in buildings
  • Construction of telecommunications systems (multi-use systems)
  • Interaction between telecommunications systems and security and payment systems