Tele­communications systems for energy and industry


  • Budarhalsvirkjun

Verkís has done work on telecommunications and information systems for industry and power plants for more than half a century.

The key issue for modern control systems in power plants and industry is  network reliability. The financial losses that result from control system failures are so serious that major emphasis is placed on maximising system uptime. These systems are therefore usually constructed such that each device has at least two communication links.

Great care must be taken in designing these systems, so that components from different manufacturers can be connected to the same system. Verkís has been a leader in implementing the latest communications standards to enable connection of different devices. 

Bjarni Bjarnason

  • Bjarni Bjarnason
  • Electrical Engineer / Marketing manager
  • Field : Industry


  • Jón Pálmason
  • Electrical Engineer / Marketing manager
  • Field : Energy


  • Fibre optic systems in high-voltage lines
  • Radio retransmission for LAN control systems
  • Design of local area networks for control systems
  • In-house retransmission of GSM systems
  • Wireless communication