Network service providers


  • Ljósleiðari

Verkís offers a wide range of services in connection with preliminary work and design to network service providers and entities that want to build up IT networks in specific areas of the country.

Municipalities are playing an increasing part in the setup of network service providers. This is being done by popular demand, as the younger generations in particular want reliable Internet service at home. The largest such job in which Verkís has been involved is the communications network Lína-Net, now called Gagnaveita.

The company has also participated in building up network solutions in factory and power plants.

Bjarni Bjarnason

  • Bjarni Bjarnason
  • Electrical Engineer / Marketing manager
  • Field : Industry


  • Jón Pálmason
  • Electrical Engineer / Marketing manager
  • Field : Energy


  • Project management and feasibility studies
  • Cost estimates and operating budgets
  • Overall systems design, start-up and testing
  • Preparation of tender documents
  • Construction supervision and choice of materials