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Verkís provides all-round service for all hydropower processes: from feasibility studies, cost-benefit analyses, and the preparation of tender documents to final design, testing, and start-up.

The company has played a leading role in the design and construction of most of the hydropower plants in Iceland and has experience of similar plant design abroad. It also performs surveys and status evaluations of older plants, as well as providing consultancy service and designs for plant refurbishment and upgrades.

The company's services apply to all specialized areas and all structures and equipment relating to large and small hydroelectric power plants, including, among other things, plant layout, dams, subterranean structures, canals, powerhouses, machinery; and gate, electrical, control, and protective equipment.


  • Þorvaldur P. Guðmundsson
  • Mechanical Engineer / Group Leader
  • Field : Energy
  • tpg@verkis.is

Ægir Jóhannsson

  • Ægir Jóhannsson
  • Civil and Environmental Engineer / Group Leader
  • Field : Energy
  • aej@verkis.is


  • Conceptual design and feasibility studies
  • Engineering design and cost estimates
  • Environmental impact studies and planning issues
  • Risk assessment, trials, and start-up
  • Geological and geotechnical surveys
  • Tender documents, bids, and contracts
  • Work supervision, reviews, and advice on operations/maintenance