Other energy generation


  • elsalvador_tvivokvavirkjun

Verkís offers consulting services for energy generation that uses unconventional energy sources, such as tidal energy, gas pressure drop, biofuels, and low-temperature geothermal resources in binary fluid generators. 

The company's specialists closely follow research and development in the exploitation of new energy sources and energy carriers and participates in research projects whenever possible. The company can provide advice on research, feasibility studies, design, procurement, supervision, and testing. The services offered cover all areas of specialization, structures and equipment, and if additional expertise is required, we contact the company's cooperation partners in other countries.


  • Carine Chatenay
  • Civil Engineer / Marketing manager
  • Field : Energy
  • cc@verkis.is


  • Preliminary and feasibility studies
  • Calculations of energy capacity, tender offers, and procurement
  • Project schedules and cost estimates
  • Environmental and planning factors
  • Risk assessment, testing, and start-up
  • Design of structures and equipment, detail design
  • Surveys, design and work supervision