Wind power


  • Vindmyllur

Verkís' services cover all aspects of wind power generation, including the choice of wind turbines, foundation bases, and the connection of turbines and distribution and energy transmission systems.

There has been rapid development in wind turbine technology in recent years, and the price of energy from wind farms is close to being competitive with other power production.

A major increase in the construction of wind farms in Iceland can be anticipated in the coming years. Verkís has been involved in many of the experimental projects currently in operation or under consideration. In most cases, these have been feasibility studies.


  • Carine Chatenay
  • Civil Engineer / Marketing manager

  • Field : Energy



  • Stefán Bjarnason
  • Civil Engineer / Marketing manager

  • Field : Energy



  • Environmental studies and weather observations
  • Feasibility studies and design
  • Tender documents, contract negotiation
  • Procurement and supervision