Environmental impact assessments


  • Fjarðarál

Verkís can assess the environmental impact of construction projects and supervise all aspects of the assessment process.

The assessment of environmental impact is a process where the effects that construction projects can have on nature, society, and financing are systematically evaluated.

The company employs experts with varied backgrounds and extensive knowledge of the fields involved in assessing environmental impact. These include cartography, biology, geology, hydrology, groundwater hydrology, pollution, and planning.

Verkís advises municipalities and other entities on follow-up on environmental impact assessments, and it organizes and supervises environmental monitoring of the effects of construction projects and operations that cause pollution. We also provide advice on the choice of mitigation measures, as well as implementation and follow-up on them.


  • Hugrún Gunnarsdóttir
  • Fish Biologist M.Sc. / Marketing manager
  • Field: Infrastructure

  • hug@verkis.is

Arnór Þórir Sigfússon

  • Arnór Þórir Sigfússon
  • Animal Ecologist Ph.D.
  • Field: Infrastructure

  • ats@verkis.is


  • Evaluation programs and evaluation reports
  • Research and specialist reports
  • Examination of assessment reports and the interpretation of reports by experts
  • Consultation and supervision for construction impact
  • Advice on applications for the licensing of operations that cause pollution
  • Monitoring and mitigating measures due to effects on biodata, noise levels, air quality, water quality, water conditions and social impact