Environmental issues


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Verkís is involved in many projects concerned with the environmental impact of construction and planning, and ways to ameliorate these effects on the environment. Environmental concerns play a part in most of the company's areas of specialisation.

In our society, environmental concerns and nature conservation are playing a steadily bigger and more important part in construction projects and urban planning. The growing pressure on nature and the environment stemming from human activity have made it essential to pay greater attention to environmental factors in land-use planning, building design, and business operations.

In preparing construction projects and drawing up land-use plans, as well as in business operations, the impact on nature and the environment has to be assessed and decisions taken on how to mitigate the negative impact of these activities. It must be ensured that the negative effects of commercial operations on the environment and nature are kept to a minimum. Environmental protection and environmental issues come into play in most daily activities, and this applies to both construction projects and our actions as individuals. It is our job as a company to point out the stress these actions place on the environment and the community, and to provide advice on how to mitigate the negative effects.


  • Hugrún Gunnarsdóttir
  • Fish Biologist M.Sc. / Marketing manager
  • Field: Infrastructure

  • hug@verkis.is


  • Elín Vignisdóttir
  • Geographer

  • Field: Infrastructure

  • ev@verkis.is


  • Assessment of the environmental impact of construction
  • Land-use planning and eco-friendly structural design
  • Surveying, cartography and computer modelling
  • Environmental and safety management
  • Surveys of water, erosion, and sedimentation conditions
  • Pollution and acoustic measurements
  • Biosphere studies, topographic analyses and social impact studies