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Verkís provides numerous services in connection with safety concerns, ranging from health and safety in the workplace to emergency and crisis management. 

These services apply to both construction and business operations and define ways in which to bolster personnel security, ensure smoother operations, and improve the working environment. Safety issues are multidisciplinary matters and affect most specialized areas of business operations.

We all want to get home safely at the end of the working day and ensure maximum safety and continuity in our business operations. We also want to bolster our operations' ability to withstand shocks, and ensure an effective response and rapid recovery from such setbacks, so that unexpected occurrences will have as little impact as possible on operations. Undertakings and their personnel are increasingly demanding safe and healthy working environments, and the authorities are more vigilant than ever in monitoring compliance. An increasing number of businesses are also imposing safety standards than are stricter than current legislation requires.

When planning projects, and construction or business operations, we have to assess the risks that these activities entail and take steps to mitigate them. It is also necessary to analyse the impact that unanticipated events caused by outside forces could have on operations and respond to these occurrences in the appropriate way in order to ensure continuous operations.

Requirements analyses and reviews of enterprises' and institutions' safety provisions are useful in identifying areas where improvement is needed.

Dóra Hjálmarsdóttir

  • Dóra Hjálmarsdóttir
  • HSE representative and consultant / Electrical Engineer / Certified Emergency Manager CEM®

  • Field : Buildings


Eiríkur K. Þorbjörnsson

  • Eiríkur K. Þorbjörnsson
  • Electrical Engineer / Security and Risk management M.Sc. / Marketing manager

  • Field : Buildings



  • Emergency management, continuity management, ability to withstand shocks
  • Courses health and safety in the workplace
  • Safety and health plans, including risk assessment
  • Safety on construction sites and during the preparation phase
  • Surveys and planning for escape routes -- evacuation
  • Safety management, strategic planning, safety design
  • Safety and operations manuals for structures