High and low voltage distribution systems


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Verkís has worked for factories and electric power companies on sketch plans, project design, supervision, start-up and testing of circuit breaker and motor distribution in low voltage systems, substations, transformers, reactive power sources, and high voltage lines, as well as the appurtenant control and protection equipment. 

In addition, the company has decades of experience in the field of electrical wiring design and electrical systems analysis that is comprised, among other things, of requirements analysis, general wiring design, and consultancy services in connection with electrical systems for all types of buildings. The company's goal is always to provide professional service at maximum financial benefit to the client. The company's strength lies in its ability to provide one-stop solutions for all electrical systems design, and incorporating these solutions into all other design aspects of the building under construction. The company has no commitments to buy electrical equipment from particular suppliers and always seeks the most cost-efficient solution based on the client's needs. It can also handle all aspects of a project, from sketch plans to detail design, tenders, contracts, supervision, testing, and start-up.

Einar Þór Lárusson

  • Einar Þór Lárusson
  • Electrical Engineer / Group Leader

  • Field : Industry
  • etl@verkis.is

Kristján G. Sveinsson

  • Kristján G. Sveinsson
  • Civil Engineer / Division manager
  • Field : Industry
  • kgs@verkis.is


  • Piping, telecommunication and building systems
  • Earth electrode systems and protection against lightning 
  • Low-voltage-, security and access systems
  • Short-circuit and electric arc calculations
  • Air conditioning system control equipment
  • Contracts, supervision, testing and start-up