HVAC for industry

hvac for industry

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Verkís offers consulting services concerning heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems for industry. 

The company's experts have knowledge and experience of pressurized gas systems, refrigeration water systems, dense phase pneumatic conveying systems, gas systems, and other industrial systems for both heavy and light manufacturing.

Pressurised air systems use industrial air compressors, air coolers and dryers, large air reservoirs, and other equipment that must meet the most stringent safety standards, as well as requirements for durability and ease of operation and maintenance.

Dense phase pneumatic systems convey dry materials over long distances using compressed air. These systems include various devices for transporting materials: large and small tanks, filter devices, material conveying equipment, control devices, etc.

Cooling water systems for heavy industry convey large amounts of cooling water over long distances using pump, filter and control device equipment.

Gas systems are pipe systems that are laid underground or inside industrial buildings. They must be appraised by Administration of Occupational Safety and Health in Iceland and constructed so that they require minimum maintenance and are completely leak-free.

Other industrial systems include cooling systems that use coolants other than water and oil pressure systems employed in to various kinds of machinery.

Hannibal Ólafsson

  • Hannibal Ólafsson
  • Civil Engineer / Marketing manager

  • Field : Industry
  • ho@verkis.is

Kristján G. Sveinsson

  • Kristján G. Sveinsson
  • Civil Engineer / Division manager
  • Field : Industry
  • kgs@verkis.is


  • Compressed air source and pipe systems
  • Cooling water and seawater pipework systems
  • Hydraulic systems and dense phase systems
  • Gas systems and pipework
  • Pipe systems for the chemicals industry
  • Steam piping systems and oil piping systems