Production processes


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Verkís offers engineering services for all parts of manufacturing and production processes. 

The company's experts have knowledge and experience in the fields of physics and chemistry, thermodynamics and hydrodynamics, heat and mass transfer, logistics, and quality management and streamlining (LEAN).  All of these disciplines are relevant to modern industrial and production processes. We also offer service in connection with model calculations, the development of maintenance systems; analyses of health, safety and environmental factors, risk analysis, hazard and operability studies (HAZOP), root cause analysis, CE markings and numerous other areas.  

Verkís has provided a wide range of services for industry in all areas of aluminium, ferrosilicon, ferrosilicium, silicon carbide, rock wool, and salt production; calcareous algae processing, aquaculture, fish processing, etc. This work has concerned transport systems for solids and gases, metallurgy, (smelting, transport, purification, and casting), material processing (for example grinding, sorting, and packing), seawater distillation, drying (for example calcareous algae), drying and blast furnace production (rock wool), firing and tempering (nets), air purification (dust, gases, volatile and strong-smelling materials), refrigeration and freezing, materials procurement, etc.

Hannibal Ólafsson

  • Hannibal Ólafsson
  • Civil Engineer / Marketing manager

  • Field : Industry

Kristján G. Sveinsson

  • Kristján G. Sveinsson
  • Civil Engineer / Division manager
  • Field : Industry


  • Drying processes and distillation processes
  • Odor control and risk analysis
  • Refrigeration and freezing systems
  • Streamlining management / “LEAN”
  • Maintenance systems / “EuroMaintenance”
  • Model calculations using Simul8
  • Causal analysis / “Root Cause Analysis”