Project management


  • Verkefnastjorn

Verkís approaches project management on the basis of the nature and requirements of each individual assignment. 

Generally speaking, all of our jobs can be divided into two categories according to whether they involve preliminary work for a project or project management. Even though service components are decided to a great extent by this initial classification and the nature of the job at hand, certain elements are present, almost without exception in every single project. These include needs analysis, planning, scheduling, and supervision of the progress and cost of the project.

The company can draw on a large pool of expertise in handling a wide variety of projects, including design management, construction management, construction supervision, property management and appraisals of every kind. Our experts have been entrusted with the management and supervision of numerous jobs, often in close consultation with clients.

Good project management is the precondition for a good outcome, whether the project involves construction or other work that requires reliable management. Project management is performed in accordance with certified work procedures that ensure the traceability of communication and decisions. Outcome assessment is then based on a comparison of the results of the project to its predefined objectives.  

Susanne Freuler

  • Susanne Freuler
  • Food Engineering / Logistics B.Sc. / Marketing manager

  • Field : Industry

Kristján G. Sveinsson

  • Kristján G. Sveinsson
  • Civil Engineer / Division manager
  • Field : Industry


  • Preliminary work and execution
  • Cost assessment / cost management
  • Project schedules / construction supervision
  • Design and construction management
  • Risk management / risk analysis
  • Procurement and contracts
  • Quality control / quality reviews