Power system analysis


  • kerfisathuganir

In preliminary work for electricity transmission projects, it is essential to set up a computer model of the system and use it to analyse the loads that individual parts of the system and the system as a whole must be able to withstand. 

The same applies to the analysis of systems currently in operation, for example, in the event of operational problems, or if there are plans to change or expand the systems. Verkís has experience in analysis and consultancy concerning systems behaviour, and for this work the company employs software that has produced results that have been successfully used as a basis for the design of equipment for both large and small projects.

The company has two types of software for analyzing electric power systems, Power Factory from Digsilent in Germany and Paladin Design Base from Power Analytics in the United States. For the design and analysis of earth electrode systems, the company has the software CDEGS from SES in Canada. 


  • Jóhannes Ófeigsson
  • Electrical Engineer
  • Field : Energy
  • jo@verkis.is


  • Helgi Þór Helgason
  • Electrical Engineer / Group Leader
  • Field : Energy
  • hth@verkis.is


  • Load flow and  load on individual parts of a system
  • Short-circuit power and earth electrode system
  • Calculation of the transmission capacity of underground cables
  • Overtones and other interference
  • Protection equipment and electric arc calculations
  • Transient characteristics (dynamics)