Protective equipment


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Verkís offers all general services associated with protective equipment for electric power systems and industrial enterprises. 

The company employs a broad group of staff with extensive knowledge and experience in this areas as well as personnel trained in the testing of protective equipment.

Verkís has the system analysis software DigSilent Power Factory and can calculate the settings for individual protective elements in complex systems as well as analyse various incidents that might occur in the system.

Verkís also has the OMICRON testing solution, which is specially designed for testing protective equipment (relay protection). This solution is intended primarily intended for use with protective equipment for generators and voltage systems on the one hand and the distribution systems for medium voltage on the other. It can also be used to test measuring equipment, such as transducers and measuring stations.


  • Jóhannes Ófeigsson
  • Electrical Engineer
  • Field : Energy


  • Helgi Þór Helgason
  • Electrical Engineer / Group Leader
  • Field : Energy


  • Design prerequisites and systems construction
  • Choice of materials, tenders, procurement
  • Selectivity and the integration of system components
  • Integration with the adjacent systems of other enterprises
  • Systems calculation to determine settings
  • Start-up testing using testing devices
  • Maintenance and supervisory testing using testing devices