Quality assurance for electrical systems and magnetic field measurements

Quality assurance for electrical systems and magnetic field measurements

  • Norðurál

Verkís services in the area of quality assurance for electrical systems and magnetic field measurements are used for the design of transmission and distribution systems, craft systems, communications systems, and the installation of electrical equipment in buildings.

Verkís' project list includes work associated with research on compatibility, power quality and power disruption; and systems design aimed at minimizing both the likelihood of interference and the effects of disruption. The company has also worked on assignments relating to research and measurements of magnetic fields in the vicinity of electrical equipment and housing and assessed the results with respect to regulations and standards.

Electricity consumers expect the energy supply to be highly reliable. But unfortunately, power quality is not always as high as the customer might want it to be, and there are various reasons for that. Aside from the possibility of a complete power failure, it is essential, when assessing power quality, that factors such as voltage and frequency fluctuations, overtone distortion, etc. are correctly assessed, and that they be within the limits specified by regulations and standards. 

When investing in electrical devices such as computers, communications systems, computer-controlled managers, and other equipment that might be sensitive to disruption, it is essential to consider the quality of the power supply available in a given location in order to avoid unnecessary cost at a later date.


  • Jóhannes Ófeigsson
  • Electrical Engineer
  • Field : Energy
  • jo@verkis.is


  • Helgi Þór Helgason
  • Electrical Engineer / Group Leader
  • Field : Energy
  • hth@verkis.is


  • Advice on contracts and equipment
  • Advice on the choice of emergency and alternate energy sources
  • Advice on and design of systems for earth electrode and equipotential bonding
  • Measurement of power quality and magnetic-field strength
  • Analysis of malfunctions in electric systems
  • Assessment of local conditions and installation