Switchgear and substations

Switchgear and substations

  • sultartangi

Verkís services cover everything from preliminary studies to testing and start-up of switching stations and substations, as well as surveys and current-state inspections.

Verkís has worked a great deal for the chief energy companies in Iceland and for industrial enterprises in the energy transmission sector, particularly in connection with switching stations and substations. The company has also worked on projects of this kind in other countries, particularly in connection with power station projects where the company has experience in gas-insulated and air-insulated switchgears, both inside and outside, in a voltage range from 33 kV up to 220kV, and in some cases up to 400 kV.

The company's services cover all specialized areas and all types of structures and equipment for switching stations and substations. These include high-voltage equipment, transformers, cables, reactive power equipment, power station installations, control and protection equipment, excavation, foundations, and all kinds of structures including earth electrode piping, and electronic systems.


  • Jóhannes Ófeigsson
  • Electrical Engineer
  • Field : Energy
  • jo@verkis.is


  • Helgi Þór Helgason
  • Electrical Engineer / Group Leader
  • Field : Energy
  • hth@verkis.is


  • Project and design management
  • Preliminary and systems analysis
  • Project schedules and cost estimates
  • Environmental impact assessments, planning issues and risk analysis
  • Project design and final design for structures
  • Tender documents, bids, and contracting
  • Project supervision, surveys, testing, and start-up
  • Status evaluation and  operational services