Project Management


  • Þjónusta Verkís

In cooperation with the client, Verkís approaches each project-management job individually, based on the nature and requirements of each assignment.

Generally speaking, projects can be divided into two categories depending on whether they concern the preparations for or the running of a project. Even though the service components involved are to a large extent determined by this initial categorization and the nature of the project, certain components are almost without exception present in every single assignment. These include requirements-analysis, planning, scheduling, and supervision of the progress and cost of the project. 

Verkís employs versatile experts who are able to handle most types of assignments including construction design management, construction management, construction supervision, property management, and any kind of assessment work. We stress project managers having the appropriate experience as well as the flexibility required to adapt to the requirements of each assignment.

We know that good project management is the prerequisite for a good outcome. Our project management is carried out in accordance with certified work procedures that ensure the traceability of interaction and decision-making. Assessment of project success is based on a comparison of project outcome to predefined benchmarks. 

Susanne Freuler

  • Susanne Freuler
  • Food Engineering / Logistics B.Sc. / Marketing manager

  • Field : Industry

Kristján G. Sveinsson

  • Kristján G. Sveinsson
  • Civil Engineer / Division manager
  • Field : Industry