Cost estimates

Cost estimates

  • Kostnaðaráætlun

Estimating costs is an important aspect of project preparation and decision-making. 

The reliability of cost estimates depends to a large extent on the preliminary work done for a project and the knowledge that Verkís possesses of similar jobs. The company has long experience of cost engineering, and the methodology used is comparable to the well-known programs employed by AACE International to make and ensure the accuracy of cost estimates. Verkís has developed and used its own cost-estimate software, which enables very through and flexible reporting to the client.

The company always aims at achieving the desired success at minimum cost by minimizing overall expenditures, whether this concern the initial plan or the financial plan.

Örn Steinar Sigurðsson

  • Örn Steinar Sigurðsson
  • Civil Engineer
  • Field : Industry


Susanne Freuler

  • Susanne Freuler
  • Food Engineering / Logistics B.Sc. / Marketing manager

  • Field : Industry



  • Start-up, operating, and maintenance costs
  • Present value, total costs
  • Review and assessment of plans
  • Manpower schedules and initial plans
  • Comparative studies
  • Tender and financing plans