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The preparation for a project is the process that starts with the inception of a project concept, and it ends when this idea has been fully worked out and is ready for implementation.

To begin with, objectives are set that can usually be divided into production objectives (amount and quality), cost objectives (start-up cost, operating cost, returns) and objectives regarding the project period.    

Preparation begins with a definition of the challenges and procedures that necessary in order to reach set objectives. The preparation phase is often divided into successive steps, and further progress depends on an assessment that is done after each step. The scope of preparations depends to a large degree on the size of the project and the demands made on precision planning.

The tasks handled by Verkís in this preliminary phase might consist of individual elements of the preparations (concept development, cost estimate, implementation plan, risk analysis, impact evaluation, profitability estimate, tender, contract, procurement), design management, or the oversight of all preparation for the project.  

Örn Steinar Sigurðsson

  • Örn Steinar Sigurðsson
  • Civil Engineer
  • Field : Industry


Susanne Freuler

  • Susanne Freuler
  • Food Engineering / Logistics B.Sc. / Marketing manager

  • Field : Industry



  • Concept management and development
  • Cost, construction, and funding plans
  • Design management and risk assessment
  • Environmental impact assessment and profitability estimate
  • Tenders and contracts