Verkís has taken part in the design, supervision, and construction of all major airports in Iceland. 

Airport design is a highly specialized and complicated assignment. It involves participation in the design work, construction supervision, and attention to the environmental and safety aspects of the project, as well as other consultancy services required by projects of this kind.

In designing airports, the main emphasis has to be on safety, efficiency, and convenience for all airport users. Verkís has extensive experience in designing airport structures, such as runways, service building ramps, and airport terminals. A group of specialists with varied backgrounds regularly works on projects connected to airport design, modification, and maintenance.

Hlif Ísaksdóttir

  • Hlíf Ísaksdóttir
  • Civil Engineer / Marketing manager

  • Field : Infrastructure


Ragnar Steinn Clausen

  • Ragnar Steinn Clausen
  • Civil Engineer

  • Field : Infrastructure



  • Runway, ramp, and airport buildings design
  • Utilities and lighting design
  • Environmental and safety matters
  • Facilities management, geotechnical engineering and construction supervision
  • Environmental planning and  management systems