Bridges and underpasses

Bridges and underpasses

  • Undirgöng

Verkís has decades of experience in providing consultancy services for transportation structures, the preparation and design of roads, pedestrian and bicycle paths, bridges, and underpasses.

With growing urbanization and more improvements to national highways, transportation structure assignments have increasingly involved the design of interchanges, bridges, and underpasses.

Verkís offers service in areas associated with transport and road traffic, including traffic surveys and forecasts, feasibility studies for transportation alternatives, planning designs, outline proposals, and detail designs for transportation structures. The company also offers consulting services for the operation and maintenance of structures, as well as the preparation of tender documents, and construction supervision.

The company has engineers with training in the design of transportation structures who have experience of bridge design from work done in Iceland, Denmark, Sweden, and Norway. In designing transportation structures, the main emphases are safety for users, economy of operation, and a harmonious relationship with these structures' surroundings.

Guðmundur Jónsson

  • Guðmundur Jónsson
  • Civil Engineer / Group Leader
  • Field: Infrastructure


Grétar Páll Jónsson

  • Grétar Páll Jónsson
  • Civil Engineer / Marketing manager
  • Field: Infrastructure



  • Planning design for bridges and underpasses
  • Conceptual and detail design of bridges and underpasses
  • Traffic surveys and forecasts
  • Vibration analysis for bridges, foundation design, and surveying
  • Analysis of the feasibility of alternatives
  • Preparation of tender documents and construction supervision
  • Operation and maintenance consulting services
  • Bridge and underpass inspection