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Verkís provides various services for the preparation and production of growth management plans.

Advice is given on the formulation of planning prerequisites, strategic planning, outline plans, and the handling and modification of these plans during the planning process. The company's advice covers all stages of the planning process, including land-use policy, framework strategy, and regional, general, neighborhood, and secondary land-use plans, as well as modifications to the previously mentioned plans. In addition, Verkís works on other assignments associated with planning matters, for example assessments of the environmental impact of land-use plans, the environmental impacts of construction projects and traffic planning, and the effects of planning and environmental projects in protected areas and areas frequented by tourists.

It is essential that growth management plans be formulated concurrently with environmental impact assessments and other plans, and in some cases, it is advisable to coordinate these plans with the design of projected structures in the areas concerned. In that way, it will be possible to utilize planning and environmental impact assessment work in strategic planning and the formulation of prerequisites for development, as both environmental and financial factors are highly significant in this context. Careful and thorough planning work can thus produce financial benefits for a project, because it can minimize uncertainty and ensure that the best solution will be chosen in each case. 

Haukur Þór Haraldsson

  • Haukur Þór Haraldsson
  • Biologist / Marketing manager

  • Field: Infrastructure



  • Erla Bryndís Kristjánsdóttir
  • Landscape Architect / Group Leader
  • Field: Infrastructure



  • Environmental issues, services and transport systems
  • Traffic prediction and traffic safety
  • Land-use and population development
  • Sustainable design development and environmental impact assessments
  • Zoning and conservation plans
  • Cartography and geographic information