Ports and Harbours

ports and harbours

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Verkís offers consultancy services in connection with the planning, research and design for port structures.

Planning and environmental concerns are mandatory aspects of construction projects. Proper handling of these issues is necessary in order to ensure the regular progress for such jobs and to prevent unnecessary delays in launching them. When there is construction near the shoreline, particular care must be taken to obtain permits for both materials extraction and discharges into the sea.

When designing and planning structures to be built on the coastline, various factors that influence construction and stress on finished structures must be taken into account. The design and planning of buildings must harmonize with the environment and natural surroundings, because the interaction between structures and the sea can be complex. Information must be obtained on wave behaviour, wave height, and wave direction, which will be used in decision-making concerning the most favourable location of the breakwaters intended to protect quays, land areas, and structures. There must be extensive soil studies and other research in order to compile essential data. Attention must also be paid to the requirements of quay-users, taking into account factors such as ship size, ship draft, and ship's service requirements.

Hlif Ísaksdóttir

  • Hlíf Ísaksdóttir
  • Civil Engineer / Marketing manager

  • Field : Infrastructure

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  • Egill Viðarsson
  • Structural Engineer / Division Manager

  • Field : Infrastructure

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  • Port construction and harbor dredging projects
  • Planning and environmental issue
  • Geotechnics and utilities design
  • Road construction