Consultation and comprehensive services

Verkís is a dynamic and innovative consultancy firm offering first-class services in all fields of engineering consulting and related disciplines. Verkís’ experts have decades of experience and the company offers dozens of service categories.

Service Categories

Responsibility at work

We place great emphasis on fulfilling our social responsibilities as a leading company in our sector. That is why we have set a clear policy on climate matters to place our weight on the world’s scales.


The Workplace

Team spirit

Verkís boasts a strong group of employees with extensive knowledge and experience. We work together in teams, and that’s how we achieve our goals and excel in our field. We are always on the lookout for ambitious and capable individuals to join our team.

The workplace

Sustainability of Structures

A sustainable construction industry can minimise the impact on the Earth’s ecosystem while also improving the health and prosperity of people and communities. The industry has a great responsibility and Verkís’ staff contributes by promoting sustainability through their work.


Project Management

Verkís has a team of skilled experts with decades of experience in project management. They have been entrusted with the management and supervision with good results and we are proud of this. We know that good organisation in the early stages of a project invariably results in a better outcome during the construction period, and good project management is a prerequisite for good results, regardless of the size of the project.


Locations and projects

Verkís works on projects all over the world, and they mainly consist of consultation in the field of transport and energy, in geothermal power plant and hydropower.

Verkís’ headquarters are in Reykjavík, but Verkís also operates six branches in eleven locations in Iceland. Foreign branch offices and subsidiaries are found in Norway, Greenland, Poland, Kenya, and Georgia.



Myndband unnið í tilefni af 90 ára afmæli Verkís árið 2022.