Knowledge and Training

Continuous career development

In order to support professional development, we place great emphasis on our staff increasing their professional knowledge through training and continuing education. We also focus on sharing knowledge between employees through project work, and professional development groups, as well as formal education. With constant continuing education and sharing of knowledge as a guiding principle, the company becomes more competitive and the staff happier.

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Social Life

Good morale

We put a lot of effort into maintaining good morale with a strong social life where employees have the opportunity to get to know each other better. We have a great staff association that organises a variety of events for employees and their families. We also have groups that, among other things, go hiking together, and play golf and football.

Key figures

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Staff are satisfied with safety policy


Staff are satisfied with flexible work hours


Staff are satisfied with equal opportunities

Work Space

Exemplary work facilities

We emphasise well-organised and warm work facilities where smaller groups sit together in a semi-open work space. It is very important to us that employees have privacy when working, so there are sound-absorbing partitions between tables. Noise-cancelling headphones are also available to all employees. In addition, employees can seek further privacy or have conversations in private spaces, such as study rooms or soundproof phone booths.

Health and Safety

A health-promoting working environment

We care about the health and safety of our employees and encourage them to lead a healthy lifestyle. Among other things, we regularly offer health checks, vaccinations, and education in relation to both mental and physical health. Our staff also have good access to psychologists and a grant for a health-promoting lifestyle is available. Our establishments offer healthy and varied food for lunch.

Equal Rights

Equal opportunities

We place great emphasis on equality by ensuring equal opportunities for employees in all our work. We offer flexible work hours and remote work contracts to enable employees to co-ordinate their family and work life in the best possible way. We have equal pay certification according to ÍST85 and thus ensure that full equality is observed in all pay decisions.

Social Responsibility

Eco-friendly community

We encourage employees to use eco-friendly means of transport on their way to and from work, including by offering a transport grant. In general, Verkís aims for employees to have access to environmentally friendly means of transport during working hours. At our headquarters, we have electric cars and electric bicycles available to staff during working hours, as well as electric scooters. Employees can also charge their electric cars during working hours. We offer locked bicycle storage and changing facilities for staff.

Development Work

Innovation and professional development

We foster innovation within the company by having a clear channel that supports and encourages employees to come up with ideas and work on diverse innovation and development projects. We also promote professional development and teamwork across division with active professional development activities. A strong culture of innovation and teamwork creates new solutions and opportunities and increases job satisfaction.