Privacy Policy

Verkís is concerned with the protection of personal data and general privacy and endeavours to provide information about its processing of personal information to its customers and employees. Emphasis is placed on working with as little personally identifiable information as possible.
At Verkís, there is a personal information team made up of a lawyer, system administrator and human resources manager.

What is personal information?
Personal information is any identified or personally identifiable information that can be traced directly or indirectly to a specific individual. Personal data refers to information such as name and identification number, location data and online identity.
Privacy laws make strict requirements for the treatment of sensitive personal information. Thus, race, ethnic origins, political views and religions are classified as sensitive information.

Collection of personal information
The acquisition of personal information may concern clients, individuals who contact Verkís, customer contacts and Verkís employees.
Verkís collects and records personal information about employees that is necessary for the company’s operation. Such acquisition of information is generally based on the agreement, contract and the legal obligation of Verkís; the need for processing to protect employee interests; or when required by Verkís or legitimate interests of third parties.
The Verkís website uses cookies. Cookies are small text files used to analyse visits to the website and are only used to manage statistical information.

The purpose of processing personal information
In general, the purpose of collecting personal information about customers is to facilitate communication.
To ensure secure personal identification of their employees, the company is required to be able to work with certain personal information. The purpose of collecting personal information is also related to wage processing, security issues, project analysis, employee analysis, etc. that are related to the operation of the company.
Information collected by Verkís is not used to make a personal profile.

Information security and personal data transfer
Verkís undertakes to use recognised methods for protecting personal information. Personal privacy is built into software and information systems, and the maximum privacy level is the default.
Personal information that Verkís has collected and possesses is used only for business purposes consistent with the company’s main operations. Personal information may be provided to third parties to the extent permitted or required by applicable laws or regulations, such as to the government.
As a knowledge-based company, Verkís must, in many cases, send out the CVs of its employees in connection with projects in which the company plans to participate.

Storage time of personal information
The proposed storage time of personal information may be unequal depending on its nature and connection with the company’s operations. However, the main rule is to keep the information no longer than required, unless there is a legitimate reason for storing it longer.
In certain cases, personal information is rendered unidentifiable in order to maintain an overview of statistical information associated with the company’s operations. Such data is not considered to be personal information.

Response to access requests
In the event of a request for access to personal information, correction or deletion, the system administrator, in co-operation with personal information teams, will take appropriate measures to provide the relevant information. Such information is provided in writing, orally or electronically, as appropriate.

Response to security breaches
In the event of a security breach, the system administrator, in co-operation with the personal information team and the CEO, will take appropriate measures in accordance with the Privacy Act and instructions from the Icelandic Data Protection Authority.

Legal disclaimer
Verkís strives to ensure that information published on the company’s website ( is reliable and correct. However, it cannot be guaranteed in all cases, and the same applies to the authenticity of the content of the websites referred to by links. Information on the Internet may be modified or deleted at any time without special notice.
Verkís is not responsible for any damage caused by the use of this website or content published on the company’s website.
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Verkís reserves the right to copyright the content published on the company’s website. Backup, distribution and republishing is allowed provided permission is given.

This information may change in accordance with the laws, regulations and operations of the company.