Good acoustics increase well-being and improve concentration and communication between people.

Verkís’ experts have extensive experience in the acoustic design of buildings and have been involved in the design and consulting of many of the largest buildings in Iceland.

We keep up with the times

Verkís’ experts are a part of an international collaboration of sound engineers and have contributed to the development of common Nordic measurement methods, standards, and regulations and are active speakers at professional conferences. The company also actively participates in the collaboration of Nordic acoustics consultants. In this way, we always have our finger on the pulse when it comes to good acoustics.

The working environment of sound engineers has changed a lot in recent years with the introduction of powerful measuring devices and computer programs for calculating acoustics, noise, and traffic noise. Verkís is well equipped with such equipment and ensures that all equipment is up to date.

It is important for developers to obtain independent consultation to ensure maximum efficiency. Based on a needs analysis, the necessary equipment and measures that are suitable for each project can be defined, regardless of other interests. Noise measurements, along with an audit at the end of the project, ensure the quality of design and construction.

Most spaces where acoustics must be designed separately are set up in a calculation model. This applies whether the space in question will be used as a concert hall, dining hall, gymnasium, or classroom. With a calculation model, it is possible to simulate acoustics and sound as if it were a real measurement.

Awareness of the importance of acoustics has increased in Iceland as well as abroad, and Verkís has played an active part in this change.


  • Acoustic design and measurements
  • Sound systems and sound insulation
  • Industrial and traffic noise
  • Acoustic design for larger buildings
  • Vibrographs
  • Sound power measurements


Guðmundur Ámundason/strong>
Civil Engineer / Group Leader
Field : Buildings

Steindór Guðmundsson
Civil Engineer / Acoustics Engineer
Field : Buildings