At Verkís, we employ experienced engineers and technologists with specialist education in the field of geotechnology and petrology.

Many projects require specialised services and consultation in the field of geotechnology. Verkís’ experts have years of experience in that field and have been involved in numerous large-scale projects, for example Kárahnjúkavirkjun and Sundahöfn.

We will find the best solution

Verkís can provide petrological and geotechnical consultation and services in all areas of civil engineering. This includes power plants, road construction, ports, airports, construction of buildings, bridge structures, sports fields and tunnels. We welcome challenges, no matter what the project is.

Verkís carries out both research and preparatory work for construction, as well as design and monitoring during the construction period and over the lifetime of structures. Geotechnical and petrological design can include, among other things, the assessment of the need for research, the interpretation of research results, the design of ground structures, and the foundation design of structures, including piles, steel panel design, assessment of the risk of liquefaction, assessment of the risk of subsidence, as well as the design of loading, the design of retaining walls in the soil, and the design of rock reinforcements.

The goal for each project is always to find the best and most cost-effective solution so that the execution of the project will be as successful as possible.
We take on a variety of geotechnical projects and have worked on many large-scale projects in that field.



Sólveig Kristín Sigurðardóttir
Civil Engineer
Field : Infrastructure

Magnús Magnússon
Civil Engineer / Marketing manager
Field : Buildings