Project and construction plans

Verkís takes great pride in the preparation of elaborate work schedules.

When starting on work schedules and construction plans, the project at hand is broken down into project components defined for each project according to a specific system called WBS, and the work is organised based on given goals and criteria.

The foundation for a job well done

The results of the cost estimate are transferred to the project plan in the form of costs and man-hours, and a resource-loaded work schedule is created. In this way, continuity between the cost estimate and the work schedule is guaranteed in each individual project.

Verkís uses different software when creating construction plans. The project planning software Primavera P6 is the first choice for larger projects, but in many cases we also use Microsoft Project when appropriate. However, the quality of the work schedule is not determined by the tool used, but by the experience that our planners bring with them after decades of work on very diverse projects.

Experience resides at Verkís and we pride ourselves on being diligent when it comes to any kind of plans that ensure that every project goes as smooth as possible.

The key to a good work schedule and construction plan is to break the project down into project components and define them based on certain criteria.


  • Work schedules for development work
  • Work schedules for design work
  • Work schedules for construction work
  • Work schedules for machinery and electrical equipment
  • Progress monitoring and status assessment


Eiríkur Steinn Búason
Civil Engineer M.Sc. / Marketing manager
Field : Buildings

Björn Anton Jóhannsson
Management Engineering M.Sc.
Field : Energy and industry