Environmental Assessment

By law, a certain process for environmental impact assessments must be followed and we will guide you through it.

Verkís’ experts have extensive knowledge and experience in this field.

Assessment of the impact of construction

An environmental impact assessment is a statutory process used to assess the impact of a project and its related activities on the environment, as well as to reduce its negative effects as much as possible. The process is intended to ensure that there is an environmental impact assessment available before decisions are made on permits, in order to promote the cooperation of stakeholders and the participation of the public in decisions about projects that affect the environment.

Certain government zoning and action plans and changes to them are also subject to environmental assessment, such as regional planning, master and land-use planning, and plans such as the framework plan and transport plan.

Our experts have years of experience in environmental assessment of projects. We have defined our procedure for the assessment process and emphasise a targeted approach and quality of service, as well as active consultation with stakeholders and clear presentation of products. This is how we achieve the best results. We employ experts with a diverse background and substantial knowledge in the fields that are used in the environmental assessment.

Verkís has worked on a variety of environmental assessment projects, such as for hydroelectric power plants, factories, fish farming, transport infrastructure, cable laying, flood protection, and construction mining.


  • Environmental impact assessment of construction and zoning plans
  • Assessment obligation inquiries
  • Research and interpretation of expert reports
  • Monitoring and mitigating measures for impacts on the ecosystem, noise levels, air quality, water quality, water systems, and society
  • Landscape and visual analyses
  • Mapping, map browsers


Hugrún Gunnarsdóttir
Fish Biologist M.Sc. / Marketing manager
Field : Infrastructure

Þórhildur Guðmundsdóttir
Civil Engineer M.Sc.
Field : Infrastructure