Carine and Óskar write about the direct use of geothermal energy

Salt factory

Article by Carine Chatenay, business manager at the Energy and Industry Division and Óskar Pétur Einarsson, mechanical engineer at the Energy and Industry Division, Direct use of geothermal – there is more to geothermal than just power, was published in the magazine Open Access Government last October.

The article discusses the processing of sea salt from the sea at Reykhólar in Breiðafjörður, by boiling under negative pressure and 70 degree hot water, i.e. how low-temperature geothermal energy can be used for more than heating supply. It is the factory Norður and co. which has been running for 10 years with good results.

Carine and Óskar Pétur’s article is on pages 460-461. 

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Salt factory