Egill Viðarsson – The new CEO of Verkís hf

Egill Viðarsson

Egill will be taking over the position from Sveinn Ingi Ólafsson, who has been Verkís’s CEO since its establishment in 2008. Sveinn requested earlier this year to resign as CEO, however, he will continue to perform other duties within the company.

Since 2015 Egill has been Verkís’s division manager for the Department of the Environment and Transportation, and from 2013-2014 he was Verkís’s business manager. From 1998-2013 he worked for Almenna Verkfræðistofan hf, which later became known as Verkís, where he was a partner, the assistant CEO, the current CEO, the division manager of construction and industry, and the division manager of marketing and development.

Egill has an M.Sc. degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Central Florida and a B.Sc. in Civil Engineering from the Technical school of Iceland, in addition to being a trained carpenter. He is married to Bryndís Jónsdóttir, and they have three children.

Egill Viðarsson