Facade lighting for historic building in Reykjavík

Laugavegur 13

Verkís coordinated  the façade renovation works for the building located in Laugavegur 13, at the hearth of Reykjavík. The building managers also commissioned  Verkís lighting team to illuminate the building.

The façade lighting design was planned to mark the very characteristic shape of this building. LED-Linear luminaires with wall-grazing optics were carefully located on top of the 1 Floor canopy. The design team chose the right distance from the wall in order to achieve an even effect on them, and still highlighting the upper cornices.

A custom-made accessory was added to avoid intrusive lighting into neighbor buildings. Thanks to the glare protection accessory, the luminaire optics, and its position, this lighting scheme avoids unnecessary spilt light towards the sky.

Two additional luminaires were installed on the upper tower complementing the overall façade illumination and turning this building into a city landmark.

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Laugavegur 13