Hakið, opening of a new visitor center at Þingvellir


Yesterday, the 18th of July, the new visitor center HAKIÐ in Þingvellir national park was opened with a ceremony. Verkís involvement in the project is building management and project supervision.

In celebration of the centennial of Iceland´s independence and sovereignty, a ceremonial parliment meeting was held at Lögberg at Þingvellir. That is where Alþingi (the national parliment) used to gather in the older days. On the 18th of July 1918, an agreement on the sovereignty of Iceland was completed when Alþingi signed the Danish-Icelandic Act of Union. The agreement took effect on 1st of December the same year. This was one of the biggest milestone in Iceland´s battle for independence.

The extension of the visitor center – HAKIÐ

The extended visitor center above Almannagjá has improved facilities for general information disclosure. A new and improved exhibition has been installed along with a new multipurpose room that can either be used as a showroom or cinema room, a classroom, meeting rooms, offices and technical rooms. The extension is 1.057 m² making the total area of the visitor center 1277 m². The older part is 2112 m² and was built in 2002. That part has now been renovated and turned into a cafe and small shop. Finally, new footpaths and more parking spaces have been added for better access.

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