Importance of sustainable buildings

Sustainable buildings

The World Green Building Week (WGBW2021) is held on September 20-24 2021.

The week is the world‘s largest campaign to accelerate sustainable buildings. It highlights the importance of sustainable solutions to minimize negative impacts from the built environment. This year’s focus is set on Building Resilience for Climate Change, People and Economies. The week is organized by the World Green Building Council, see https://worldgbc.org/WGBW2021.

The responsibility of the construction and infrastructure industry is great, as it is responsible for 38% of global energy-related carbon emissions and 50% of all extracted materials. The solutions and projects we implement today will affect future generations for years to come. Decisions that are made today on land use, exploitation of natural resources, design, and construction of buildings and environments can negatively affect our future generations. We have scientific knowledge on how overexploitation of natural resources, waste and pollution degrades our ecosystems and how the climate crisis results in global temperature rise, extreme weather events, rising sea level, glacial retreat, ocean acidification and other serious events. The time to act is, therefore, now.

Verkís employees are highly skilled and experienced in construction and infrastructure design. Within each of the specialized areas of building design, there have been considerable improvements made in minimizing waste, production of more environmentally friendly construction materials and maximizing service lifetime. Human safety and health are an unnegotiable part of today’s work culture. Better project management can identify better solutions in the early stages of design and planning. Building design has to combine healthy natural habitats, a healthy indoor environment, weather-resistance and climate resilience, optimized daylight conditions, minimized waste, resource use and maintenance, and maximized service life of the building.

Verkís devotes its expertise to choose and promote sustainable solutions in our services. We know how our decisions affect the future to come and we commit to making the built environment more resilient, safer and healthier for the benefit of people, the planet and the prosperity of our society.

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Sustainable buildings