Innovation in energy transition: New energy carriers

Innovation in energy transition - Verkís

On Monday, September 25, Verkís hosted a breakfast meeting at his headquarters at Ofanleiti 2. Meeting topic: “Innovation in Energy Transition: New Energy Carriers.” English was used during the meeting.

Two excellent professors were invited to the meeting to speak about these crucial topics. On the one hand, Keena Trowell of McMaster University in Canada discussed metal fuels and the fundamentals of metal-water reactions that are employed to produce hydrogen. Christiaan Richter of the University of Iceland, on the other hand, spoke about aluminum in a circular economy—from waste to hydrogen energy to alumina.

Also present was Rauan Merbekova, a research scientist at Tæknisetrið/IceTec, who gave a presentation on a study on the aluminum’s energy storage process. The guests were welcomed by Verkís managing director Egill Viðarsson, and the discussion was moderated by Albert Albertsson from HS Orka. Anyone could attend the meeting for free. There were 47 attendees, 25 of whom were present in the room and 22 of whom connected through Microsoft Teams.

In the fight against climate change, switching to renewable energy is crucial, and Verkís has contributed in a number of ways. Although sufficient clean energy resources exist to meet global energy demand, the geographic and temporal mismatch between resources and demand remains a challenge.

Here you can see a recording of the meeting

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Innovation in energy transition - Verkís