Laufskálavarða service house nominated for the Iceland design award

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The cooperation project of Sannir landvættir and Stáss architects has been nominated for the Iceland Design Award 2022. The award will be handed over in Gróska Creative Community House on November 17th.

Verkís carried out all engineering design of the building, which is based on Stáss architects idea. The design of lighting inside and outside of the building was a collaborative work of Verkís and Stáss. The surrounding areas were also designed by Verkís landscape architects, including the parking lot, the pavement around the building and the walkways in the area. The designers put a lot of emphasis on selection of environmentally friendly material and that the design would fit well with the environment.

Sannir landvættir, which are partly owned by Verkís, received a grant from the Tourist Development Fund to repair land damage in the area and to build the parking lot. The construction of the house was entirely financed by Sannir landvættir.

The jury’s reasoning for the nomination:

The service house at Laufskálavarða stands humbly as a plain man-made shelter in the face of Icelandic nature – without competing with it and without being a blemish on the environment. The house is designed by Stáss architects. It is only 30m2 in size and is located on Mýrdalssandur by the main road.

The need-based approach is here the guiding principle in creating a thoughtful and useful resting place in the vastness. Different uses are intertwined in a few square meters consisting of toilet facilities, washing facilities, a viewing platform, a rest bench, and facilities for cyclists.

The building is functional and directs attention to nature and invites people to enjoy it without being trampled on. Pedestrians can use it to seek shelter in case of bad weather or to get their bearings on the viewing platform on the roof of the building, where there is a view of the Mýrdalsjökull and the Katla volcano. The design is a particularly good model of professional design, which could be implemented in other parts of the country.

The professional media Archilovers chose the resort as one of the best projects of the year last year for its aesthetics, creativity and usability.

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