Let’s pick up trash

Atli and the bottle

An eleven years old boy from Iceland has important message to the world.

This project is a collaboration between Atli Svavarsson, 11 years old boy in Reykjavík, Verkís and Ævar the Scientist.

Atli is 11 years old boy from Reykjavík and he thinks it´s very important for everyone to pick up trash. He put very remarkable message in a bottle and then it was thrown in the ocean by Iceland. Verkís designed and produced the bottle to make it easier for his message to find it’s way to the world. The bottle is equipped with a satellite transmitter that provides its location every six hours via a GPSreceiver.

“In the year 2017 I founded my #savetheworld project. It is about going out and pick up trash from the nature. Me and my dad were watching a TV Show called Ævar the Scientist. He said that if everyone would go out and do some picking we could save the world. And that is how I found a name for my project.” said Atli in his letter.

Arnór Þór Sigfússon, animal ecologist, Ármann E. Lund, mechanical engineer B.Sc. og Vigfús Arnar Jósefsson, mechanical engineer are designed and constructed the bottle of behalf of Verkís.

Verkís participates in this project with Atli Svavarsson, see the message here

World goals

Atli and the bottle