New borehole put into use at Seltjarnarnes

Borehole at Seltjarnarnes

Last week, the new borehole of Hitaveita Seltjarnarnes was put into full operation. The borehole replaces another one that was drilled in 1972 and was one of the main heating supply boreholes in Seltjarnarnes until it was damaged in the spring of 2021. Verkís participated in the work in various ways.

Verkís carried out all parts of the detail design of the electrical systems, i.a. optical fiber network, control system, power distribution and display system upgrade. Verkís is also responsible for the design of the main piping system in the borehole area as well as the design of the pump house. Verkís also took care of the ventilation design and will also take care of the landscape design around the borehole. The borehole is in a protected area, so it was decided that the pump house would be underground, but great emphasis was placed on the structure having as little impact on the environment as possible.

The borhole was destroyed when the borehole pump was in maintenance, as the pump and a large section of pump tubing fell into the borehole due to flash corrosion, plugging the borhole. Since it was not considered possible to repair the borhole, it was decided to drill a new borehole close to the one that was destroyed in order to ensure water supply and the operational safety of the heating system.

The first tests of the new borehole have been promising and it can be expected that the output can be around 30 l/s of around and above 100°C hot water. With this new borehole, the operational safety of Hitaveita Seltjarnarnes has been ensured and the utility can have four boreholes in operation when necessary.

The drilling rig of Icelandic Drilling, Sleipnir, was, among other things, used for the work, but it was used to drill down to a depth of 2057 m and production lining was at a depth of 400 m, but was at 170 m depth in the old borehole. After drilling, work was carried out, which included testing and activating the borehole, laying pipes, building the borehole house underground, and so on.

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Borehole at Seltjarnarnes