Opening of Sky Lagoon in Iceland

Sky Lagoon in Iceland

Sky Lagoon, new lagoon in Kópavogur, Iceland, was recently taken into use and has attracted a lot of visitors in the first days.

Verkís was in charge of designing the bathing lagoon‘s pool system, thermal input and heating of reservoirs and thermal recycling. Verkís was also in charge of fire design and provided consultancy in coordinating and installing pool systems, piping, pumping and cleaning equipment.

This is one of the largest construction projects in last year’s tourism industry in Iceland. Sky Lagoon is an elegant hot lagoon bathing spot by the sea and unique views of the outermost tip of The Kársnes peninsula in Kópavogur. The bathing lagoon has a 70-metre-long infinity edge that gives the feeling of heaven and ocean colliding when looking out of the lagoon.

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Sky Lagoon in Iceland