Plastic in a bottle, from Iceland to Scotland in 207 days

Plastic in a bottle
Hayley Douglas with the bottle

Plastic in a bottle which was dropped into the Artic in September by the Icelands’s Minister for the Environment and Natural Resources, Guðmundur I. Guðbrandsson, has washed on shore in the Isle of Tiree in Scotland.

The bottle traveled 6700 km in 207 days before washing on land. The project Plastic in a bottle, is launched by Pame, teamed up with the minister, Verkís and the Icelandic Coast Guard.

The aim of this project is to simulate how marine litter and plastics can be expected to travel far distances into and out of Arctic waters.

The bottle was retrieved by Hayley Douglas on April 6th 2020, see her post at Twitter.

It is the second capsule that Verkís has sent out which ends up on the coast of the Isle of Tiree.

The bottle at the Isle of Tiree. Picture by Hayley Douglas.

The bottle is the first one of a few bottles PAME aimes to drop in different areas across the Arctic. The next one will be in conjunction with a project by the Netherlands. That project is scheduled for the summer of 2020.

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Plastic in a bottle
Hayley Douglas with the bottle