Time chose Geosea sea baths as one of the world’s greatest places

Geosea sea baths

The GeoSea geothermal in Husavik in Iceland are on Time Magazine‘s list of 100 greatest places in the world to visit in 2019. Verkís was responsible for all engineering design of the building and the surroundings as well as conculting services  during the construction of the baths.

According to Time Magazine, overtourism is a tremendous problem for Iceland. Nevertheless, the GeoSea gives its guests plenty of room to breathe.

Opened in August 2018, GeoSea draws its mineral-­rich hot seawaters from two nearby drill holes. It has multiple infinity-­edged pools and a built-­in waterfall, swim-­up bar and bathtub­-warm water averaging around 38-39°C(100°F). There is no need to use any cleaning agents or equipment to treat the geothermal water, as the steady flow of water from the drillholes, between the pools, over their edges and into the sea ensures that the water stays within the limits stipulated by health regulations.

The spa operates year-round, staying open till midnight in summer and 10 p.m. in winter—a spectacular way to catch the northern lights when swimming after dark.

Geosea is operated by Sjóböð ehf.

Time Magazine : Geosea geothermal sea baths Húsavík Iceland

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Geosea sea baths